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Thread: Framing WWII love letters
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03/16/10 05:17 PM
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Framing WWII love letters
03/16/10 5:17 PM

I have been asked whether I could frame a couple of love letters sent from a WWII spitfire pilot serving overseas to display in our history room. What's the best way to go about this, the paper is quite thin (tissuey) and the writing goes right up to all the edges (1mm).
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RE: Framing WWII love letters
03/17/10 9:46 AM

Whatever method you choose make sure you are careful to stick with archival / conservation products and methods. One possible solution is to use "pass through" hinges. These tabs start on the back of the mountboard, pass through slits in the mount and attach to the back (top) of the letter. you may need some along the bottom edge. Have a look at the framed egyptian papyrus project in the DIYframing project library.

if those are too heavy or visible, then using v-hinges is another alternative. These are a bit like the old stamp hinges you get for stamp albums.

Whichever you go for, always use a light weight archival tape / paper to make the hinges and, if the tape isn't gummed, use a reversible starch based adhesive for sticking. Check for how obvious they would be seen through the thin letter paper. Both of these would let you create a float mounted letter (you can see the backing mountboard surround) - with a spaced window mount it should look fine.

Another option would be to source an appropriately sized Mylar pocket. This would provide a clear casing which could then be attached to a mount board - possibly not very elegant but it would support the piece and offer protection.
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